We’re Back!

After a way-too-long hiatus, we need to get this blog rolling again! One of us got engaged over the holidays and is spending all her time on wedding blogs. Or photographer sites. Or trying to figure out what in the world is going to need to happen before this whole marriage thing happens.

Googling “crazy bride” was a scary mistake!








And one of us is getting cced on everything because really shouldn’t the Maid of Honor become obsessive as well?

We think so.

Martha will guide us. Except we intend to DIY… nothing!

But! With a venue, band, photographer, and badly edited guest list, it’s time to distance ourselves from the mayhem and return to the world of books. I’m thinking particularly young adult. Where hand holding is swoon worthy and weddings are a weird thing that old people do.

Except a short and necessary foray into dress shopping in a couple of weeks, of course. Because that’s just FUN.


Sorry we disappeared! We missed you, blog!