Top Ten Tuesdays: Favorite Authors in Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Audio Books with help from the mysterious Brother

This is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely folks over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is Top Ten Favorite Authors In X Genre. Mary just started a new job yesterday, so to give her one less thing to worry about, I asked my brother to do her half of our TTT. His wife (yay SIL!) has contributed in the past, so I think he was extra excited that I asked him this time.. Love you bro :-) ! He chose Sci-Fi/Fantasy as his genre because he thinks he’s read more of the genre than either Mary or I. I highly doubt that though. Sci-Fi, probs, but I don’t think he realizes how much fantasy I read. Especially considering my current obsession with mermaids that I will soon be posting reviews about. I think it stems from the fact that the mermaid was the only redheaded Disney princess. Plus, I think The Little Mermaid had my favorite songs. But now is not the time to go into Disney princesses because Heaven knows that could be a loooong tangent. I decided to cheat on my genre (of course) and I’m pretending audio books are a genre. Mary and I recently went on a three day (!) road trip. We’ve always listened to audio books on road trips and I thought I’d share some of our favorite authors for that.

Elizabeth’s Picks: Audio Books

1. John R. Erickson – Now I will be super impressed if anybody has heard of him because even I had to look him up. That probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but the truth is I remembered his series not his name: Hank the Cowdog. We loved Hank the Cowdog growing up! Actually we still listen to them sometimes though it’s harder because we only have them in cassette form… Such a funny series and the author does an amazing job of reading all the characters! Kid appropriate and still delightful for the adults listening too.

2. Tom Clancy – Tom Clancy’s books make the perfect road trip audio books because they keep you engaged and the story and are exciting enough to keep you awake. We tend to pick suspense novels for that reason, and his are my favorites.

3. Chuck Klosterman – My SIL does not like audio books! The horror!! So when we did a road trip together we compromised… kind of. We listened to a book when I was driving and music when she was. Since I was trying to be nice, I tried to pick a book she’d like, so I chose Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman. While I couldn’t convert her to the awesomeness of audio books (my real motivation in picking a book I knew she would like), we laughed the entire time I was driving.

4. David Sedaris – I actually think the best way to “read” David Sedaris’s books is to listen to them on audio book because he read them himself and is soooo funny. I always love it extra when authors read their books for the audio version. I think it adds so much. My favorites are Me Talk Pretty One Day and Holidays on Ice. I heard both of these on audio; whereas, I own a physical copy of Naked, and I’ve never really been able to get into it. I should probably try it again on audio.

5. Prairie Home Companion’s Pretty Good Jokes – Prairie Home Companion does these hilarious joke shows that you can get on CD. Somebody gave a set to my mother and they are perfect for like a two hour car drive. Some of them are pretty (ok, very) corny, but they certainly make for awesome entertainment in the car. It might be cheating to call this an audio book, but obviously, cheating on TTTs does not bother me much…

Brother’s Picks: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Greetings, readers of My Sisters Bookshelf. Recently Mary has been busy with this pesky thing called the real world and is unable to write her half of today’s Top Ten Tuesday. Luckily there is another sibling that so far has yet to be invited to publish on this illustrious website… their brother. Now I don’t read as much young adult novels as my sisters, or listen to as many audio books where I do outpace them is in the genre of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I went through my bookshelves to determine my favorite. While I have the most books by RA Salvatore, I don’t think he makes the cut. I also found some authors that I don’t feel I have read enough of their work to say whether or not they are one of my favorites. I found some Robert Heinlein but have not read any of the books he is most famous for, Starship Troopers. In addition, I found some David Brin, but have only read one of his series, the Uplift series, and some Frank Herbert who wrote one of my favorite books Dune. Then came Alan Moore, who wrote Watchmen. Now Watchmen is a graphic novel but since it made Time Magazine’s 100 best novels I feel no reason not to put it in the same category as the other books; unfortunately, I have not gotten around to reading his other graphic novels of V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, so I could not justify adding him to the list. So without further ado here is my portion of today’s Top Ten Tuesday:

6. Orson Scott Card. When I first read Ender’s Game, it instantly became one of my favorite books. The fact that the sequel Speaker for the Dead was also as good was just bonus points. I quickly read the rest of the books of the Ender series and some of Card’s other works. While none of his other books rose to the level of Ender’s Game or Speaker, they all were good books.

7. Isaac Asimov. I will admit that like Alan Moore I have not read as much Asimov as I would like. I picked Asimov not only for his wonderful body of work, most famously I Robot, but also because of the effect that his work had on others. The vision that Asimov had for the future is just inspiring.

8. George R. R. Martin. I will admit that I came onto the Martin bandwagon late. I had heard that HBO was going to make a miniseries based on his series A Song of Ice and Fire, named after the first book in the series A Game of Thrones. I then decided to read the books, however I never got around to them. Then I watched the first season of Game of Thrones and fell in love with the series. Once the season was over, I went out and got the first four books and read them all in about two weeks. Now while I do hate to base my entire opinion of an author on a single series Martin also wrote an episode of Game of Throne, “Blackwater,” and it was one of the best episodes in season two, so I am counting him.

9. Neil Gaimon. Gaimon is an author of many formats. He has written graphic novels, regular novels, for magazines, for TV shows and movies. I first fell in love with him with Stardust. He also wrote Good Omens and American Gods. Additionally, he wrote an episode of Babylon 5 and an episode of Doctor Who that was absolutely amazing. I also follow him on twitter and do enjoy his tweets.

10. Last but not least we have Robert Jordon. Once again I am basing my opinion of an author on one series, The Wheel of Time, however this series currently has 14 books, with the 15th and final book due out in January, and is over 11,000 pages long, I think I have enough to go on. I will admit that the first book in the series took me three attempts to actually get through, but once I moved on the books just kept getting better and better. Sadly Robert Jordan died in September of 2007, he did however leave detailed note on what was going to happen in the series and Jordan’s widow picked Brandon Sanderson to finish up the epic story.