Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters Who Remind Me Of Myself Or Someone I Know in Real Life

This is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely folks over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week the theme is Top Ten Characters Who Remind Us of Ourselves or People We Know in Real Life.

Elizabeth’s List:

Ok, I know I always go after Mary, but I just read her part of this post and I absolutely refuse to follow that! And I will definitely be talking to someone about what they think of me at a later date, though I’m going to choose to take it as a compliment. Especially since I can’t entirely deny it [sheepish look]. You’ll see…

I’ve only really bothered to find one character who reminds me of myself and  that is Samantha Madison from Meg Cabot’s All American Girl. And unfortunately it’s not because I’ve done something heroic lately.

First off, Sam likes to make Top Ten lists. Admittedly, that isn’t something I did much of before this meme, and I’m currently ignoring the fact that top ten lists usually have a2 through 10, but you get the point. In one of her lists, she gives the top ten reasons she is most likely going to die young, and the first two hit a little close to home (though her descriptions for why these features might lead to early death are hilarious). She is left-handed and a redhead. Yes these seem very superficial, but it’s actually very rare. Only about 11% of the US population is left-handed and only about 2-3% has red hair (not sure if that includes dyed hair but I don’t think so). She goes on to mention living in an urban area, eating lots of red meat (I can’t help it that beef is so yummy), and that she’s a dog owner (though in the case of the dog owner, they’re just not supposed to live as long as cat owners. They/we live longer than non-pet owners). And it’s not just this list that connects me to her. She also has a super smart sister. Which is most often good, but can be annoying. I should know… Love you Mary! And other fun things too :-) .










Mary’s List:

Oof, this is hard. Seriously. I don’t usually think about books and/or characters in this way. I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around it. I definitely compare characters to other characters. But people in real life? Not so much. Rather than please/offend anyone, I will give this a try for myself. Which may be the hardest thing of all!

1. Samantha Sweeting from The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella.










The title says it all. I kid. A little. But not really. I am actually not terrible these days – and I love to cook! – but I am FAR from a domestic goddess. But I’m smart too, so I should be able to figure everything out, right? Yay?!

2. Lindsay from Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins.











You know how Lindsay says she’s focusing on her academics and not planning on dating boys until college? I took that statement as a sign of self-awareness (and a consciousness of the ridiculousness of high school). My immediate reaction was, you go girl. Maybe that’s because that is so something I would have said in high school… and I firmly believe I would have been RIGHT! In retrospect, I was a really self-aware high schooler! I think Lindsay actually has great priorities – especially as a loyal friend to Lola. Plus, the Nancy Drew tendencies? I’m so there. I always do my due diligence. I research everything. In practice, it’s basically the same thing.

3. Elizabeth Bennett.









Oh yes, I went there. Of all my beloved Jane Austen heroines, it has to be Lizzy. But I’m afraid it’s her faults with which I most identify! Quick to judge? Check! Stubborn? Oh yes. I’ve got the Pride and the Prejudice on speed-dial. On the plus side, I do enjoy some nice banter. And I like to think I’m fun. But in making this list, I’m beginning to think I should work on developing more Jane-like habits!

4. and 5. [At this point, I hit a roadblock. This was even harder than I expected! I decided to ask my boyfriend. (of 5 1/2 years) for help. In lieu of two more characters, I'm recounting the conversation we had over cocktails at a nearby bar.]

M: I’m doing a list. [Explains list] Name a character from a book that reminded you of me!

BF: Do your boyfriend instead! A mix of James Bond and MacGuyver. [Smug face]

M: No, really. I need two more characters. We always take our top ten lists very seriously!

BF: Okay. Little Women.

M: Which one?

BF: All of them! You’re little and a woman. Boom. Done.

M: [silence]

BF: Or a dwarf from the Lord of the Rings? [snickers]

M: Not funny!

BF: Okay, okay. We’re brainstorming here! Let’s think outside of the box! Childhood books? You when you are older? Miss Havisham!

M: [!!!] Have you ever read Great Expectations?!

BF: Of course I’ve read Great Expectations! I’m just saying she’s an old woman in books. There aren’t very many of those. I read non-fiction. This isn’t fair. What are you writing down?

BF: I bet it’s “Look into [boyfriend's] 7th grade education. Report back.”

M: No, I’m writing down your ideas! Give me more. Think of books you’ve read! You love Harry Potter! Random minor character in Harry Potter that I’m forgetting?

BF: You should just write a novel about yourself as a fictional character.

M: Not going to happen.

BF: Okay, Professor McGonnagal!

M: What?!

BF: Well, you’re strict.

M: THAT’s who I remind you of?

BF: Well, I suppose you’re most like Hermione. But sometimes you are only conveniently feminist…

M: Hermione’s a convenient feminist for the entirety of book 4. But I’m not a know-it-all ever.

BF: Are you kidding me?

M: [changing subject quickly] Ok, let’s help Elizabeth and brainstorm for her.

BF: Oh she’s easier. You can use your fairy tales. She’s sort of princessy.

M: [changing subject again before BF somehow gets into more trouble, though I think this was a compliment] Wait, what other books have you read with characters for me?

B: All about you again! What about one of your Jane Austen people? You’d probably be Winona Ryder’s character – she’s particularly infuriating.

M: Winona Ryder never played a character from Jane Austen.

B: She didn’t? What about the stubborn one! That’s who I’m thinking of.

M: Kiera Knightley’s character?

B: Yes! The unnecessarily stubborn one!

M: On the list.

BF: Well put just Winona Ryder too. She’s terrible! Are you sure she didn’t play a Jane Austen character?

M: I think you’re thinking of Little Women. [changing subject again before BF gets himself into yet more trouble] How about other books?

BF: [deadpans] The book about the mockingbird. The mockingbird in that book was so heroic. It died.

M: [actually laughing here]

BF: But really, I’m drawing a blank on other books I’ve read recently. The Catcher in the Rye?

M: Did you enjoy being all self-indulgent?

BF: Maybe I didn’t get it.

M: No, you’re too mature. [notwithstanding this conversation!] Haven’t you at least read the Hunger Games?

BF: Katniss! You’re kind of a badass!

M: How so?

BF: You are… Y’know… Yeah, probably not…

M: [silence]

BF: Okay, Mandy Moore in anything! I’m specifically thinking of the Rapunzel one.

M: She dies of cancer in one of her movies and in another she’s a crazy homophobic proselytizing Christian! You’re probably just responding to my bangs. [note to reader: I just got bangs!]

BF: [considers me carefully] Yeah, that’s probably it… Okay, maybe not the best idea! But we’re brainstorming here! No idea is a bad one. Except if yoooou’re judging.

BF: [out of nowhere] Bones! Temperance Brennan!

M: [has heard this before and still thinks it's annoying] I have social skills! Just as much as you! [argument about our respective social skills]

BF: Maybe they just don’t write them as wonderful as you. [smug face not unlike the one at the beginning of this conversation]

BF: Wait, what are you still writing.

M: I’m just going to post this whole conversation.

BF: [definitely doesn't believe me at this point] Well then you should definitely link to my profile picture and facebook page.

M: No way. You’d be sure to get propositioned.

BF: For my wit and good looks. Wait, honey, you’re still writing. You’re making me nervous. Stop that!