Top Ten Tuesday: Getting Into The Halloween Spirit

This is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely gals over at The Broke and the Bookish.

I don’t know about y’all, but in a lot of ways I am definitively NOT a Halloween person. I hate scary movies. Last year, I had the bright idea to do a haunted house. Except it wasn’t just any house. There’s a retired jail in Philadelphia that transforms itself into a haunted house every year – Eastern State Penitentiary. Look it up if you are into that sort of thing. I basically jogged the entire thing. And I don’t ever run anywhere!

Anyways, what I do enjoy at Halloween is the creativity. So here are our top ten bookish Halloween costumes we have seen and appreciated in the past!

1. Waldo. It’s a classic. And on the right tall and enthusiastic dude, this one cracks me up!

2. Pippi Longstocking. Are there any red-headed little girls who did not do this at least once? [I certainly did -Elizabeth]

3. Katniss/All things Hunger Games. I had to put this because I may do Katniss this year. I have this marshmallow shooting bow and arrow that I really want to take out with me!

4. Freudian Slip. This is a Halloween costume that Lily adopts in the first Princess Diaries. I thought it was hilarious, stored it away for ten years – and have done it several times since!

5. All things Laura Ingalls Wilder. One of my best friends assures me this was great fun growing up. It allowed her to act out all her Little House on the Prairie fantasies!


I’m totally blanking on fun costumes I’ve seen though I know I’ve seen them. I’m having that issue where you know you know examples of something but as soon as you try to think of a specific example, you can’t. Grr… So I’m going to do fun costumes I’ve done and one I want to try.

6. Felicity from American Girl. I was Felicity for like three years in a row. I had the costume for myself and the matching one for my doll. I also wore the costume for the fourth grade colonial day, so it was surprising useful. Especially since the school made a rule for a few years that if you wanted to wear your costume to school it had to be literary related.

7. Hermione/ All things Harry Potter. Being a redhead, I actually dressed as Ginny, but Hermione is my fave. I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter earlier this year and strongly considered actually buying the robes there for sale for Halloween, but just barely managed to control myself. I did however buy a wand. It’s a copy of the one Hermione uses in the movie of course :-) .

8. Amelia Bedelia. I loved these books but I can’t figure out how to dress up as her without everyone assuming I’m trying to dress up as a naughty french maid or what have you even if my costume isn’t naughty. Does that make sense? I have a black sweater dress that might work if I could only find a white apron. Making the hat should be easy enough.

9. Willy Wonka. I’m not exactly sure how he dressed in the book, but I’d definitely try for the Gene Wilder purple outfit look. Even though I don’t go trick or treating, I’m bound to eat A LOT of chocolate so I think it would be fitting. An oompa loompa might be fun too, but I have to agree with my friend who was considering being a smurf that so much body paint seems like too much effort.

10. Nancy Drew. Both my sister and I love Nancy Drew! I’m not exactly sure how one would make it clear that you were Nancy Drew though. A spyglass? A toy blue convertible?

What about you guys? Any fun ideas we are missing? We are always on the lookout for inspiration!