SIL Review: Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

While only Mary and I share books, we also have a brother, who recently gifted us with another sister, our fabulous sister-in-law (SIL).  We hope this is the first of many contributions from her :-) . Enjoy…

How Excited Was I to Read This? 9- I’ve been in love Sharon Creech novel’s since I read Walk Two Moons in fifth grade. Creech’s characters are often wise beyond their years and dealing with things beyond their maturity level. Creech knows how to use her words sparingly, but the ones remaining can pierce the soul. I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t make me cry, and I’m hoping that this more “experimental” novel holds the same standard.

How Excited Am I Now? 7 – This was significantly different than her other works. It was written as a poem, or better yet, a series of poems.

Book Rating: 7

Book Jacket:

I don’t want to
because boys
don’t write poetry.

Girls do.

Review: At first look (inside the cover) my hopes were beginning to be lowered. Creech’s novels are typically stories of girls coming of age in unusual circumstances. It is that endearing period of life and her character and plot development brining me back and back to her novels. I still love Walk Two Moons and Chasing Redbird as much today as when I was fourteen. But Love That Dog is different. Jack (the author/poet) struggles with writing poetry. His class is doing a poetry unit and the journal-like reflections, conversational with his teacher in a way, show the transformation of his writing. Initially Jack doesn’t believe that his poems are poems. He doesn’t want his poems posted on the board. He wants to remain anonymous. As his poetry evolves we learn more about Jack and his life, and his dog Sky. The final entries and poems do what Creech does best- they elicit a raw emotion and connection with the character that you would not think could have developed in such a short work.

Sister-Factor: 0- we know nothing about Jack outside of his poetry and his dog

Re-Readability: 7- it’s such a quick read (15 minutes if you are reading quickly) that I would re-read it when I wanted something light and heartfelt.

Recommended For: Waiting in doctors’ offices, quick train rides, standing in line. It’s not a big book or a long book.

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