Recommend A… First Book in a Series

Recommend A… is hosted by Shanyn at Chick Loves Lit. Shanyn posts a new prompt each week, and we’ll post a book recommendation that follows the prompt. Head over to her blog to check out other blogger’s picks!


This week’s prompt is perfect for me: Recommend A… First Book in a Series. For a trip down blog-emory lane, we recommended His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman as a trilogy to read earlier this summer. That pick still holds true! But there are two other specific first books I have for y’all this week.

For my first pick… I just finished a fantastic first book! I’m recommending Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.










I posted a full review today. For my purposes here, let me just say that it is well-written. And sadly, amid a lot of series right now, that’s special. I think often books have compelling ideas, but the writing leaves a lot to be desired. I complained about that with The Selection. I could name lots of other examples too. So way to go Rachel Hartman! I knew I was in good shape when she had a blurb from Tamora Pierce.

And let’s say you enjoy Fantasy books and think Seraphina is a great pick! I have an important question for you! HAVE YOU READ PATRICK ROTHFUSS?











I spent a summer living with an actor. Best roommate ever. He worked nights so I had the apartment to myself, he was in Shakespeare in the Park and got me tickets so I didn’t have to wait in line… see what I mean? Anyways, he explained that actors have lots of backstage downtime, so lots of them are huge readers. Makes total sense when you think about it! And he gave me this book and told me to give it a try. I didn’t think I’d like a fantasy book, but this particular series is just awesome. Patrick Rothfuss is mind-blowingly good. So take a look at The Name of the Wind and consider trying out the Kingkiller Chronicles. This book has a 4.55 rating on goodreads. That’s kind of unprecedented for a book with 57,000 ratings. I’m just saying…

So do y’all like my picks? Any good new suggestions for me? Why is it that I immediately turned to fantasy? It just seemed appropriate!