Recommend A… Book You Thought Was Funny

We LOVE giving book recommendations. And have been really enjoying this meme. I’m a little slow today, but as usual, we couldn’t resist. So here goes…

Recommend A… is hosted by Shanyn at Chick Loves Lit. Shanyn posts a new prompt each week, and we’ll post a book recommendation that follows the prompt. Head over to her blog to check out other blogger’s picks!

This week’s prompt is Recommend A Book You Thought Was Funny. I haven’t quite decided what that means (and I like to write my own posts before I read others). Is it one that is just plain funny? Or one that I found was funny that others might disagree about. For example, I kinda thought The Selection was funny in a Can’t-Believe-She-Went-There, groan kind of a way. But a lot of people really liked it!

We’ve also reviewed several funny books, which I would definitely recommend. See Elizabeth’s review of Cheaper by the Dozen, my review of I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloane Crosley, or even Elizabeth’s review of My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger, for starters.

But when I think of books that are purposefully funny, one author comes to mind immediately. Head and shoulders above all the rest, he’s still my favorite. And that’s David Sedaris.










I often see people recommending audio books, here and elsewhere – thanks to Quinn for the rec on the His Dark Materials trilogy, which totally wouldn’t have occurred to me as a great audio book – it’s definitely happening on my next road trip! I usually save audiobooks for those occasions, but I think I they need to be added to my (non-driving) commutes too. And David Sedaris is an awesome audio-anything. So anyways, without further ado…

I am recommending any and all David Sedaris books, essays, npr moments. Me Talk Pretty One Day is an obvious starting point. I would also highly recommend Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim for more of the familial awkwardness type of humor. And the SantaLand Diaries is a classic for a reason. As someone who loves all things Christmas, it’s my very favorite. If you are unfamiliar with it, here is a seven-minute recording of him reading from the story.

I’m tacking on another recommendation because I know sometimes people complain that David Sedaris gets repetitive and old – and it’s true. I recently rediscovered my love after a several-year Sedaris hiatus. For a similar feel, and similar npr-sponsored funny, I love Sarah Vowell. And Assassination Vacation was an awkwardly perfect book for me.










It’s awesome. Vowell goes on a road trip to different sites of historical interest, but not just any sites. Sites tied to American assassinations. She is completely passionate about her subject – well-informed and informative! But she’s also irreverent and hilarious and points out amazing absurdities along the way. And this is another great choice for listening to the audio book. Fun Sidenote: Vowell voiced Violet in The Incredibles!











Elizabeth likes David Sedaris, but she’d probably disagree with me on these recs. They are much more up my alley. So on her behalf (she is busy tonight celebrating her recent birthday!) I will recommend a book that I keep recommending over and over… Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. She laughed so much and so out loud while reading this! We should have her review up soon!











So what do y’all think? Recent great funny reads? Our TBR piles are huge, but we are still always looking to add!

Elizabeth here :-) . Just got back from a birthday dinner, so I’m adding this a bit late. However, I couldn’t help but add the book that IMMEDIATELY  popped into my head when I heard this week’s topic: Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros. And yes, that really does say tweetheart, it’s not a typo. One thing I should admit to before sharing my love for this book is that I do not have a twitter and I have never tweeted anything in my life. Not sure why. I think I gave up after facebook until My Sister’s Bookshelf came along (unless you count pinterest, which I adore).  Some of you may be thinking what? My Sister’s Bookshelf has a twitter! I leave that all up to Mary I confess. I tried to sign in once and it wouldn’t let me. I took that as a sign and haven’t bothered since. Sorry wonderful sister of mine…

Anyway, I discovered Goodnight Tweetheart in a rather random way. Ok, not that random, I just picked it up at a bookstore because I thought the title and cover were cute. What makes it semi-random is that these were the Border’s is going out of business sale days which means I got this book for $1.50… but I would have paid full price. I picked it up and decided to purchase it. My friend starts reading excerpts out in the check out line. It’s so funny she goes to grab a second copy for her to buy. We keep reading and laughing out loud. It’s soooo funny the person in line behind us wants to know where we got it so she can grab a copy to buy. Does that give you a clue? I loved this story! I laughed hysterically but it was also super sweet. So, take my word for it and GET THIS BOOK!