Recommend A… Book You Read on Vacation

Recommend A… is hosted by Shanyn at Chick Loves Lit. Shanyn posts a new prompt each week, and we’ll post a book recommendation that follows the prompt. Head over to her blog to check out other blogger’s picks!

This week I have two recommendations. The first is place specific, based on a recent vacation. The second is for those times when the vacation is, let’s face it, not going so hot and the phrase it’s all about the journey is taking on whole new meanings! 

If you plan to visit Turkey, definitely pick up a biography of Ataturk. His portrait is hung behind every hotel desk, on the wall of every restaurant, off of balconies and across buildings. In short, traveling in Turkey you will see Ataturk everywhere! And get curious… 

I’d recommend Ataturk: The Biography of the Founder of Modern Turkey by Andrew Mango. It’s a large book, clocking in at 539 pages of very small text. And at times overly detailed (there’s quite a lot of military history…) But it gives a great account of the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the birth of modern Turkey, events that are essential to understanding the Turkish state today. Plus, in learning about Ataturk, you begin to appreciate why the entire country remains seemingly obsessed with him.










(for a different type of introduction to Turkey, I’d also highly recommend Istanbul: Memories and the City by Nobel-prize winning author Orhan Pamuk). 

But what about when traveling is terrible. Let’s say, hypothetically, you are on an overnight train from Budapest to Romania. You bought your tickets at the last minute and ended up in the cheapest seats possible, sitting up, with the lights on all night, surrounded by boisterous Romanians who knock into you every time they walk down the far too narrow aisle. Train travel at its least romantic. What to do???

The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley to the rescue! A comfort read with adventure, some romance, and an unforgettable heroine named Harry. If you haven’t read it in years, I highly recommend you pick it up again! Perhaps in a time of need? Trust me: the miles (and sleepless night) will fly by!










How about y’all? Any favorites? For a specific place or for making the time fly?