(Our first!) Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors We Would Like to See on Reality TV

We are super-excited about this meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. At least starting out, it will probably be the only one we participate in – we want to focus on building up our review content. So here goes nothing!

1. Libba Bray: Survivor.After Beauty Queens, we would love to see her on a desert island kicking butt! Beauty Queens is one of our favorite recent young adult reads, and We think she has a wonderful voice and viewpoint, so that would only be an added bonus. Plus, the more strong femininist voices on reality TV the better for everyone! That was one of our takeaways from Beauty Queens at least!

2. Malcolm Gladwell: The Apprentice.We would love to see The Donald go head to head with an economist, and Gladwell is an accessible voice in an otherwise sometimes incomprehensible field!

3. Jules Verne: The Amazing Race. Our dad actually suggested this one. First off, that was adorable of him – and an excellent reminder of an old classic! Second, so right on. It would be MOST fun if he could suggest challenges and drive the modes of transport. Submarines and hot air balloons!

4. Janet Evanovich: Jersey Shore. The creator of Stephanie Plum could surely whip those Jersey Shore kids into shape. I’d love to see her take on Snooki. And solve the mystery of whatever it is they are fighting about this week!

5. Bill Bryson: Road Rules. Okay, Mary wanted to say Jack Kerouac for this one (yay On the Road! She’s actually looking forward to this movie! Once I saw Amy Adams, Viggo Mortenson, Elizabeth Moss, STEVE BUSCEMI?!) But that seemed a little too predictable. The kind of travelogues could surely write a strong one about this MTV trip!

6. Ernest Hemingway: Real World: Key West. Y’all know this would be amazing.

7. Rebecca Serles: The Bachelorette. After having read (and reviewed!) When You Were Mine, we are sure she’s a romantic. And that is exactly what the bachelorette needs. We have to keep believing contestants are truly hoping to find love! Otherwise, how do we justify the copious amounts of wine we consume hoping along with them!

8. Sophie Kinsella: Real Housewives of Fill-in-the-Blank. Because Mary totally loved The Undomestic Goddess. She likes to pretend that title applies to her. (Elizabeth will tell you, the first part does!). And there is nothing “domestic” about these housewives! She’d be perfectly imperfectly prepared! We assume the same could hold true for Kinsella.

9. Meg Cabot: Say Yes to the Dress. First off, because we would want her on our TV and streaming across netflix often and much. She’s already in our hearts (and dominating our bookcases), she might as well take over the other important parts of our lives. And after the Queen of Babble series, we are pretty sure she is a wedding dress expert. She’d make a perfect consultant! Not an annoying hopeless one. A fun chatty one who would magically produce the perfect dress, bringing tears of joy to the grandmother/bratty sister/gay best friend’s eyes every time!

10. Gretchen Rubin: The Happiness Project. We just made this show up. But having enjoyed both the blog and the book, we feel like this one could make an awesome reality show. A little from left field, we know. And possibly breaking the rules here. But we wanted to throw it out to the universe. We’d watch it!

Whew! Let us know what you think! (About our list and even more importantly, our blog – we’d love feedback!) Can’t wait to see what others have come up with!