My Favorite Bookshelves: Tadao Ando’s Ryotaro Shiba Memorial Museum

Tadao Ando is one of my absolute favorite architects. One of my absolute favorite artists more generally. I love the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. I love the Stone Hill Center in Williamstown, MA. And I love the photographs I have seen of his other buildings, especially his churches. If I hadn’t had a very long day, I might make a very poor attempt at explaining exactly what I love about his work, but I think the photographs speak for themselves, don’t you?

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, designed by Tadao Ando

Interior Shot of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Interior Shot of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth








Tadao Ando's Church of the Light in Ibaraki, Japan













Stone Hill Center at the Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA







I was happily browsing the internet today when I came across what looked like an awesome library. I discovered it was a photograph of the Ryotaro Shiba Memorial Museum, designed by none other than my favorite architect. A museum dedicated to a writer, designed by Tadao Ando? A visit just jumped way high up on my bucket list. I would have to get myself to Higashiosaka, Japan, of course. And my lack of Japanese language skills might be a bit of an impediment here. But for now, I am just going to enjoy this gorgeous picture and the one at the beginning of this post – and share them with you!