Mary’s Book Review: Avalon High by Meg Cabot

How Excited Was I To Read This Book: 10 all the way! It’s a no-brainer with Meg Cabot!

How Excited Was I After I Read This Book: 10. See above! Meg Cabot is the margarita of authors for me. A delicious old standby that maybe brings back some guilty but awesome dance-party-type memories :)

Review: I am pretty sure I was first introduced to Meg Cabot via The Princess Diaries, which was pulled, appropriately enough for this website, directly from My Sister’s Bookshelf. Being younger and more secure in her awesomeness than I am, Elizabeth has always been a little more willing to buy books that are pink with shiny tiaras on the cover. Thank goodness, for my sake! Years later, I bless my kindle for letting me read said tiara-clad book clandestinely. I would definitely still read it, but either me or the book might need a disguise. And books are hard to hide. And I look goofy in a beret, which is sort of how I’m envisioning myself disguised. So hooray for kindle! Now we can both buy tiara-books!

Anyways, I really am a diehard Meg Cabot devotee. There should be a name for us. Meg-Maniacs? Cabot’s Crew? Perhaps there already is one. Must investigate later… The point is, I picked up Avalon High based on the fact that it was written by Her Fabulousness, not really giving much thought to the fact that its plot involved Arthurian legend in a contemporary high school setting.

As fate would have it, the Arthurian elements ended up being one of my favorite parts of this book. Sometimes it’s annoying when the boy-interest in a book is TOO perfect and flawless. Or more often, so perfect that HIS FLAWS are even perfect.* But when the boy interest may or may not be a reincarnation of King Arthur, well, there’s a perfectly understandable built in excuse! As an embarrassingly huge fan of the TV show Merlin, I can forgive all sorts of sins when you throw a nice cloak of LEGEND and DESTINY over the top!

In this particular book, our girl Ellie moves to a new town with a new high school where she meets A. Will Wallace, president of the student government, captain of the football team, and all around good guy. Any guesses what “A” stands for?! He has a best friend Lance and a girlfriend Jennifer. Meg Cabot does not make things hard for us. Thank you, Meg Cabot.

Forces of Darkness want to kill Will in order to prevent the emergence of a New Arthurian Golden Age. Will is being watched and monitored by a secret society called the Order of the Bear who want to stop the Forces of Darkness and make this Golden Age happen! That’s kinda the plot in a nutshell. It’s certainly creative and guaranteed fun because it’s Meg Cabot!

*note: none of these statements refer to the perfectly perfect Michael Moscovitz, obvs

Unresolved-But-Probably-eventually-resolved sexual tension: 7. The whole he-has-a-girlfriend thing got in the way of Will and Ellie’s inevitable romance, but once she was out of the picture, things could move along swimmingly! Also it doesn’t hurt that they are apparently connected by big-D Destiny.

Recommended for: Anyone who likes contemporary young adult literature or anyone who really loved The Mists of Avalon.

If you liked this book you should also check out: The British Tv show Merlin! (available on netflix instant) It has one of my favorite television bro-mances.






And AVOID AVOID AVOID the terrible movie made from this book. Loved the book, live for a good teen made-for-tv movie – especially from Disney – and I HATED this one. Trust me, be smarter than I was: stay strong and stay far away!