Let’s Discuss: Ella Enchanted aka That Terrible Fairy Tale Movie Adaptation Starring An Oscar Winning Actress

In honor of Anne Hathaway’s Oscar win last night, I could not resist a post about one of my very favorite books ever – and a moment in her career that she very likely would love to forget – Ella Enchanted!!!

Backstory here: BOOK RATING = INFINITY. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine was a trailblazing insta-classic and it remains one of my favorite books of all time.

The most important thing to tell anyone when they see this is on my bookshelf – or after I have surreptitiously dropped it into their bag hoping they might accidentally somehow end up reading it – is that it is NOTHING LIKE THAT MOVIE TRAVESTY.

Just look at all those sparkles!!! And she really does look fabulous in blue, doesn’t she?

Yes, that’s right. Anne Hathaway may be an Oscar-winning Actress now, but once upon a time she played Ella! Opposite Hugh Dancy (or as I prefer to call him, Mr. Claire Danes)!


When this came out in theaters, I was ecstatic! Also a sophomore in college. Prettttty cool. My friend Anna and I drove forty minutes to see this in theaters. Needless to say, lightning did not strike twice for Anne appearing for the second time as a princess in a movie based on a popular young adult book – talk about typecasting! At least she appears to have been a good sport: here’s a clip of her being forced to burst into song – before she and James Franco ever had that unfortunate hosting moment – or she won an Oscar for playing Fantine…)

I am getting too worked up to even list everything else that went wrong. Anne and Hugh looked pretty, but that’s about the only good thing that could be said here.

No shirt! Or chest hair!

In my fantasy-world, Pixar made this into an awesome animated movie instead of making Brave. It would still have been susceptible to the first-female-Pixar-lead-character IS A PRINCESS?! criticism. But in for a penny in for a pound, I say.

Anyways, most of y’all have probably already read this one. If you haven’t, I keep a copy in my apartment at all times as well as at my parents house. Most people have fire extinguishers in case of emergency – apparently I have fairy tales. And I’m proud of it.

P.S. Cary Elwes also appeared in this movie.

This is probably my favorite picture I have ever shared on this blog.

Yes, THAT Cary Elwes.

As you wish, Cary Elwes. As you wish.

And he plays a bad guy. I may never recover.

Have y’all read the book/seen the movie? Did you have as strong of reactions as I obviously did?