We are two sisters in our twenties with reading habits that might suggest we are, well, a little bit younger. Mary is older and wiser. Elizabeth, younger and less annoying. We both love to read. A lot. We’ve started this blog in order to exchange thoughts on the many books we devour on a regular basis. We realized we have incredibly similar reading habits – habits that are also totally different from most of our friends’. That might not sound strange except we are five years apart and have lived in different cities for all of our adult lives.

Our similar tastes could be attributed to the fact that Elizabeth grew up on Mary’s hand-me-downs – in books as well as in clothes. This meant the entire collected works of L.M. Montgomery were on hand, just begging to be read from the moment she learned to read! And it even made all sorts of books seem cool, sometimes rightly, sometimes less-rightly. She was so lucky.

However, this influence ran in both directions! For every Philip Pullman novel that Mary passed along to Elizabeth, Elizabeth provided Mary with an easy means to secretly access The Princess Diaries when she was at an age where reading sparkly pink books was not so socially acceptable…

As adults, we have accepted and embraced our reading habits! They are fun and awesome and there is nothing wrong with old-fashioned classics, tiaras and castles, books with destiny-filled quests, or any number of other the other attributes that characterize many of the books for which we share a passion! Now we are going to share that passion with you!

Thanks for stopping by!